Frequently Asked Questions


Our registered trucks are verified with documents. We ensure safety but in case of any unexpected situation, we will provide all necessary information about the truck and operator.
Initially shipper should inform the owner about cancelation reason. Then he/she can cancel bid and the trip will remain under bidding. Now the shipper will get the option to cancel the trip.
Right now, our app is only available on Android and IOS. We are working for web version.
Right now, it is not possible. Shipper can pay with cash.
We do not have an option to hire return truck. Create a new trip on app, interested owners will bid.
Our searching time is around 10 minutes. Our registered truck drivers will be contacting you within this time. Shipper may also recreate trip after sometime.
If shipper has flexible time, shipper may wait and try again to contact driver. If the shipper can not reach driver, shipper may complain to Truck Lagbe HelpLine, cancel the bid and accept next bid or new bid. In case of Express trips, shippers may create another trip. However, if a trip is canceled in any way Truck Lagbe will return advance amount to the shipper with proof of advance payment. Finally, Truck Lagbe will ban the owner.
In this case, the shipper may wait. Available and interested owners will bid. If there is no bid for a long time, all our trucks might be occupied. So shippers need to reschedule shipment to hire trucks through Truck Lagbe app.
Currently we do not have referral bonus. We are working on it. In future we will implement this within our system.
No. Shipper should apply the discount code before he/she is going to accept a bid. In terms of express trip shipper can add discount before publishing the trip.
Shipper can add discount code in the discount option from the menu before creating the trip .
All expenses are included with bidding price. Owners will pay.
Labor support is not included within our service. Owners bid to rent truck only.
No, shipper can create a new trip with updated pick/drop location.
Select the nearest location and mention the missing location on product details. In case of express trip you should select nearby location and clarify driver about exact location on first conversation.
Bidding trip is the process or service of hiring a truck / pickup from the 'Truck Lagbe' app by competitive bidding. And 'Express' trip is an instant 1 or 2 ton pickup / mini truck hiring service inside Dhaka.Express trips are fixed rated trips which provides you the secured delivery.
  • গুগল প্লে স্টোর অথবা অ্যাপল অ্যাপ ষ্টোর থেকে আপনার মোবাইল ফোনে “ট্রাক লাগবে’ অ্যাপ ডাউনলোড করুন।
  • অ্যাপে আপনার মোবাইল নম্বরটি দিয়ে “এগিয়ে যান” প্রেস করুন। 
  • আপনার মোবাইলে একটি ভেরিফিকেশন কোড আসবে। কোডটি অ্যাপে সাবমিট করুন। 
  • এবার অ্যাপে আপনার নামটি প্রদান করে রেজিস্ট্রেশন প্রক্রিয়া সম্পন্ন করুন
  • Download the "Truck Lagbe" app on your mobile phone from the Google Play Store or Apple App  Store. 
  • Press "Continue" with your mobile number.
  • A verification code will appear on your mobile.
  • Then Submit the code to the app and provide your name. 
  • This will complete your registration process.
  • After downloading the shipper app, shipper can create a trip request after giving some information like load point, unload point, truck category, date, time, product types and then publish. 
  • Wait for a few minutes, available and interested owners will bid. 
  • Shipper will accept the bid which is suitable for him and will contact the owner. 
  • Besides, if you want to get 'express' service(1 & 2 ton), a specific fixed rate option will be available as soon as you select a trip. Clicking this option will create your express trip.


No he can not. Only when he will finish the active Express trip then he can take another Express trip.
The app will work on one phone at a time. However, to use different phones, you need to register with the same SIM number and use the new verification code every time you change the phone.
You will be able to launch the app by re-registering the old number again from the new mobile. But if the SIM is lost, then you need to buy a new SIM to open your new account. You have to call the 'Truck Lagbe' helpline number about these changes.
  • Be alert to grab the shipper’s phone call. Call back if you miss a phone call for any reason. 
  • Timely send the truck product to the pickup location and instruct the helper to cooperate fully. 
  • At the end of the trip, asks reviews from your shipper. Because good reviews will always help you get more trips later.
Shipper may pay the late fee. However, owner and shipper negotiate about delay time and will fix it.
User needs to call from old phone number to Truck Lagbe office and request for phone number change.
Currently there is no commission against trip. However users will be notified while commission is introduced.
When a shipper creates an express trip, an owner can see it on app page above the normal trip. Here the owner will find all the required description of the trip. You can confirm tour trip by pressing the 'Grohon Korun’' option.
Currently, bid can’t be cancelled. If a shipper accepts the bid, please inform to cancel bid and request to accept others bid.
No. Owner will see own bid only.
No. Owner has to bid with exact amount.
In this case, bid more and bid according to market rate.
  • All the trips are shown in the 'Truck Lagbe Owner ' app. Choose your trip from those trips and bid. 
  • Once the shipper receives your bid, the trip will be shown on the current trip. 
  • The details of the trip includes the shipper’s phone number. 
  • Contact this number to know the details of the trip and confirm the trip.
With the menu bar "Shakal Truck", owners can see the truck number. There is an option over the truck number namely "Proyojonio Documents", where the owners can upload relevant documents.
  • After downloading Truck Lagbe Owner app, option to add truck with registration number, truck model and shape will be given. 
  • Then, the owner needs to upload a photo of operator's NID, Truck Registration Paper and Truck picture with number plate. 
  • Then the owner can bid on trips with price. 
  • If shipper agrees with the bidding price, shipper will accept bid. Then owner and shipper can call each other to finalize the trip.
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